Tyres and Wheel Alignments

New Tyres, Puncture Repairs, and Wheel Alignments

Whether you need brand new quality tyres, wheel alignments or need someone to repair puncture in your tyre, our Technicians are always ready to help.

New Tyres

If you need brand new tyres for your car, then come in and see us. We can get a wide range of new tyres from many reputable manufacturers. You’re sure to find just what you need.


wheel alignment


If your car has a puncture in its tyre and you need repairs, no problem – bring your car or wheel to us and we’ll get your tyre patched up for you.

Auto mechanic use wrench to repairing and change car tires. Concept of car care service and maintenance or fix the car leaky or flat tire.

Wheel Alignments

Whether you just need to align two wheels on the front or four-wheel, our experienced Technicians is ready to help. We have Wheel Alignment Machine to get the job done.

Wof Inspections

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To get punctures in your tyre patched up, wheels aligned or when you need new tyres from well known brands.

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